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Our story isn’t as special as ones during the Cashew invention, even though we think that it is interesting as well. Friendship of Juraj and Octavia, who loved meat and everything with it related was our first step. One day, Octavia moved to Slovakia original south african biltong, dried beef coriander flavoured, and offered as an ordinary dinner to Juraj once. Everybody knows, that Juraj is a gentleman who knows principles of public behavior, and as a result of that ate whole piece (1,2kg of beef) of biltong. From that day, they were trying every single possibility of how to move more biltong to Slovakia, so that they can offer even their friends. As far as the price, production quality and legislation issues during the transport were concerned, they come up with an idea of producing slovakian biltong. Steak do vrecka is extraordinary biltong made of highest quality, to be used for exceptional journeys, sports or even some special events. We can assure you, that with every bit you try, is made of best meat available at the moment, packaging with prolonging freshness of meat, and even more ecological than is now. We hope, that you love our biltong as much as we do, and we would be happy if you try all amazing products we’re currently preparing for you.

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Juraj and Octavia


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