How much is the “best before” date of Steak do vrecka opened/closed?

We provide specific date on each pack of our biltong when closed. Opened pack should be consumed in 48 hours.

Is Steak do vrecka suitable for children?

Absolutely, and we are glad that children like it.

Is Steak do vrecka healthy?

Steak do vrecka contains 40grams of protein per 100g, minimum of fat and also no sugar, as it is in cas of Jerky. Because of that, we are sure that Steak do vrecka can be one of the most valuable parts of your daily diet. Over and above, beef is naturally rich in iron, which adds to healthy function of hemoglobin in blood, and can significantly help during anemia treatment.

Storage of Steak do vrecka

Our biltong store-safe because of protective atmosphere, which provides, that taste, color and nutritional value remains the same during room temperature. Biltong can be stored at room temperature, and even after being opened does not require storage in the fridge.

Where does the beef from?

Our beef comes just and only from slovak farms. Beef from every batch can be identified with specific providers.

Where is the beef produced?

Steak do vrecka is marinated and dried on the eastern of Slovakia, where also provides employment for the locals. Spices are also provided by slovak company.

Where to buy?

Steak do vrecka is being sold every saturday at Stará tržnica in Bratislava. Our biltong is also available in various gyms and healthy food stores. The most actual list of stores is always on our page.

How do you provide the safety of raw beef?

During every slaughter, there is a vet present to ensure, that beef is without any defects. Except that, our providers are laboratory testing beef on a every two-week basis, to check presence of specific bacterias.

Why do you use some conservants?

Our biltong does not contain any sort of artificial flovours and almost none of the conservants. Only conservant we use is minor amounts is sodium nitrite in concentration 0,000004%. Just for comparison, potatoes sold by commercial shops may contain more sodium nitrite than our biltong. Thanks to this conservant, we can ensure quality, safe and store-free product for the most demanding customers.